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Yellow Cab MyStuff: Mine, All Mine!

Have you tried the new Yellow Cab MyStuff? It’s my new favorite thing in the world, mainly because of how customizable it is.

Yellow Cab MyStuff- Mine, All Mine!

I’m a huge fan of Yellow Cab pizza. I love eating there with my friends and family, and I love it when we order it at home or at the office. But there are times when I wonder, what if I want to get my Yellow Cab fix but I have no one to split the order with? Or what if our orders don’t jive and they don’t want what I want?

Yellow Cab MyStuff: order it your way!

The answer to that came in the form of Yellow Cab MyStuff. MyStuff lets you enjoy pizza, pasta, and wings in just one box for only P195. But it’s not just called MyStuff because it’s in a single box. The real fun is in the customizing!

One of the things I love about YellowCab MyStuff is that it isn’t a fixed set meal. You get to choose the pizza pouch, pasta, and wings that go in your box. For your pizza pouch, choose between pepperoni and #4 Cheese. For for your wings, choose between Hot Wings, Garlic Parmesan, Sriracha, Barbecue Chicken. For pasta, it’s a toss-up between Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta and Spaghetti with Meatsauce.

There are so many possible combinations to try; it’s impossible to get tired of it. But because I’m a creature of habit, my usual combination consists of a pepperoni pizza pouch, garlic parmesan wings, and Charlie Chan Chicken pasta. And because it’s MyStuff, there’s no peer pressure when you order. Choose whatever you want and it’s all yours!

So if you’re feeling a bit selfish and want to enjoy your favorites from Yellow Cab, just get MyStuff and have fun with customizing your order!

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