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Yellow Cab’s Garden Special: A Veggie Lover’s Delight

I love vegetables and no, my mother didn’t make me say that. I’m a guy who enjoys his veggies and one of my favorite ways to enjoy them is on the Yellow Cab Garden Special.

Yellow Cab's Garden Special- A Veggie Lover's Delight

You know how parents would sneak in vegetables into meals just to “trick” their kids into eating them? My parents say they never had that problem with me. I’ve always liked vegetables and that is still true even now.

I wouldn’t go as far as choosing a life of vegetarianism. For me it’s more of a preference. If there’s a veggie version of something, or there’s an option to add more veggies, I’ll go with that.

This also goes for choosing my pizza. So it’s probably not surprising that my go-to pizza is Yellow Cab’s Garden Special.

Why I love the Yellow Cab Garden Special

Personally, I think Yellow Cab’s Garden Special is great whether you’re a vegetarian or you just want to sneak more vegetables into your meal. Plus, it’s pizza. It’s a great deal.

What do I love about Yellow Cab’s vegetable pizza? For one, you get fresh vegetables all the time. Yellow Cab has always been consistently serving only the freshest and the Garden Special is no exception. Each time you order, you get the freshest tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, onions, and red bell peppers.

The New York style pizza crust isn’t just another term for thin crust. New York style pizza has different dimensions to it—a crisp but thin and chewy center, and a cheesy top that complements all the fresh toppings.

Here’s a tip for fellow veggie lovers: ask for extra toppings! I usually ask for extra mushrooms and olives on mine, but it’s up to you. Just customize your order and enjoy your veggie pizza!

Just talking about the Garden Special is making me hungry, honestly. Trust me on this. Yellow Cab’s veggie pizza is one of the best ways to enjoy vegetables!

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