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Yellow Cab App: Our Late-Night Saviour

My friends and I love to chill every weekend during late nights to watch movies or TV series. This is a habit we acquired during college due to our “hell weeks,” the term we use when we have a hectic week schedule full of exams and paperwork. We do it to celebrate our little achievement of surviving the week. And this week’s celebration was way more special than our usual get-togethers because we survived 2016!

Yellow Cab App: Our Late-Night Saviour

Who will not celebrate his survival after a lot of negativity that happened last year? So this year, we’re welcoming 2017 with feel-good music, movies, and food!

Now that we’re a bunch of working millennials who are attempting to be adults, we try hard to fit our schedule so we could still hang out with each other just like what we did during college.

It was the busiest Friday we had! Add the usual horrible Manila traffic, we arrived at our friend’s house so late that we never had the time to go to the supermarket or even order take-out from the nearest restaurant because it’s almost midnight. We thought that tonight’s celebration would screw up. But we were relieved when I realized that I have the Yellow Cab app on my smartphone!

It’s one of the advantages of our technology. There’s nothing better to have the food delivered to you with just one tap. And the convenience brought by the Yellow Cab app is remarkable. It has complete product list from my favorite New York’s Finest to delicious ice cream. You can even track the status of your order using the app. Yellow Cab app also offer coupons every now and then which brings excitement for a frequent customer.

Thanks to the Yellow Cab which literally became our late-night savior, we were able to end the week just right and special.

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