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Where to Lunch? Yellow Cab, Of Course.

Every office worker knows how stressful it can be to ask everyone out for lunch. Thankfully there’s Yellow Cab and the new MyStuff.

Where to Lunch? Yellow Cab, Of Course.

As the designated office mom, it’s my unofficial duty to watch over my “babies”. They go to me when they need advice or just want to rant. When we go out after work, they message me when they go home so I know they’re okay. I’m also the go-to person when there are important decisions that have to be made, such us where we’ll be having lunch.

I’m not sure if it’s exclusively a Filipino thing but it can be so hard for people to decide where they want to eat. When you ask someone where they want to eat, you never get a solid answer! You just end up with “I’m not sure” or “whatever you want”.

Good thing there’s a Yellow Cab near the office and the new MyStuff just sweetens the deal.

If you haven’t heard of the new MyStuff, you are missing out big time. With Yellow Cab’s MyStuff, you get to choose the pizza pouch, pasta, and wings that go in your box. And customizing your order is so easy!

For your pizza pouch, choose between pepperoni and #4 Cheese. For pasta, it’s a toss-up between Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta and Spaghetti with Meatsauce. And finally, for your wings, choose between Hot Wings, Garlic Parmesan, Sriracha, Barbecue Chicken.

Personally, I think this simplifies the whole group-ordering thing. You don’t have to agree on one thing and everyone gets to eat what they want. Pretty cool, right?

To simplify your out-of-office lunch experience, I highly recommend going to your nearest Yellow Cab branch and have everyone go for MyStuff. It’s got your favorites, it’s easy to personalize and everyone leaves with a full tummy. Good deal, right?

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