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My Weekend Pizza Parties with the Family

Living alone, I always look forward to spending weekends with my family, partly because of the weekend pizza delivery that comes with it!

My Weekend Pizza Parties with the Family

Since I landed my dream job several years ago, I left the family home in Quezon City. With the office being in the South, it made a lot of sense to get my own place so I can be closer to the office. Luckily I managed to score a decent unit nearby, allowing me to enjoy the 10-minute walk to the office.

But admittedly, it does get lonely sometimes. I come from a big family and we’re a pretty loud bunch. When I moved out, it felt weird not to have anyone to talk to or have random play wrestling matches with. It sounds strange coming from a big guy like me, but I really do miss my family when I’m not with them!

That’s why I really make it a point to be with them during weekends at the family home because that means—drumroll please– weekend pizza parties with Yellow Cab!

Weekend pizza delivery with the family

Normally my mom cooks when I come home for the weekend, but I do want to give her a break so I call in for weekend pizza delivery. And when it comes to pizza, it’s got to be Yellow Cab.

What I love about Yellow Cab’s weekend pizza delivery (aside from the awesome pizza) is how easy it is to order for a group. I just open the delivery app from my phone, order a bundle, and we’re good to go. Occasionally we’ll add an extra order of sides, depending on how hungry we are, but generally ordering is hassle-free.

Once the pizza and other stuff arrive, we just settle on the couch and marathon movies or series. Sometimes we also set up whichever console and play the new games my brother pick out. Nothing fancy, but we’re together and that’s what really matters.

Spending time with family doesn’t have to be super extravagant. Just call for weekend pizza delivery from Yellow Cab and it’s already a fun pizza party with your favorite people!

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