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The Moment I Fell in Love with Dear Darla

Ever heard of the saying “Great things come when you least expect it?” When I tried Dear Darla at Yellow Cab, the scrumptious experience was nothing short of perfect. Just one bite and I knew: I’ve fallen in love with the Dear Darla pizza!

Dear Darla

It all seemed like another busy day. I had deadlines to finish, meetings to attend—the usual weekday grind. But it all turned around when my work pal took me to Yellow Cab for lunch. She said, “It’s extraordinary! You’ll love it!” Of course, being the skeptic, I didn’t really believe her. And besides, I thought we were having just another pizza. But I was so wrong!

When Dear Darla came, I caught a whiff of its hot and fresh ingredients: savory pepperoni, tomatoes, black olives and capers, topped on a thin crust pizza.

Best of all, it pairs oh so deliciously with Arugula and Alfalfa Sprouts—garden-fresh ingredients that make Dear Darla an absolute hit! It even puts the fun back in eating pizza, as I enjoyed rolling each slice and dipping its tasty goodness into my favorite chili sauce.

You might be thinking, “But I’m not exactly a salad person.” I’m not either, but I’m happy to say that I have a whole new appreciation for healthy greens after trying Dear Darla. If they make veggies this tasty, of course I’ll want more!

As if one awesome flavor isn’t enough, aside from the original Dear Darla, it also comes in Ricotta Cheese and Roasted Garlic variant. Choose your pick!

I can’t remember the last time I loved eating pizza this much. After tasting Dear Darla, I left Yellow Cab thinking how this simple experience really made my day. I know I’ll be back again to get my pizza fix!

With Dear Darla, Yellow Cab has definitely changed the entire pizza game. I’m quite sure there’s nothing like it out there. Why don’t you try it yourself? You know you want to!

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