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Tasty and Satisfying: Why I’ll Always Love Dear Darla

The first time I tasted Dear Darla Pizza, it’s been my favorite ever since. By now you might think I want something different, but I still love this fresh and unique pizza from Yellow Cab!

Yellow Cab Pizza - Tasty and Satisfying: Why I'll Always Love Dear Darla

Why I love Dear Darla pizza

The novelty of rolled pizza paired perfectly with Arugula and Alfafa sprouts has taken my pizza standards to a whole new level. And when you’ve tried the best, trust me, you’ll never want the usual pizza.

I still crave Dear Darla’s light and crunchy crust baked with delicious cheese. I’m still a fan of the original Dear Darla, with its thin crust topped with sumptuous pepperoni, button mushrooms, juicy tomatoes, olives, and capers. Whenever I’m in the mood for other Dear Darla variants, I order Ricotta and Roasted Garlic. It will always be on my list of the best dishes!

And the best part about having Dear Darla? You forget you’re eating healthy greens. You can go guilt-free and absolutely meatless without sacrificing your need for hot, fresh, and flavorful pizza. This is the perfect light pizza that’s great for anyone trying to cut down on meat.

Speaking of going meatless, Dear Darla is also ideal for the Lenten season. When my family goes full vegetarian on Fridays, I can always order pizza delivery from Yellow Cab. I can ask the operator Dear Darla without the pepperoni. Yellow Cab takes it up a notch by customizing their pizzas.

What’s more, I go for easy online delivery with my Yellow Cab App. It’s so convenient! With a few taps, I can order pizza whether I’m at home or at the office. It’s a life saver especially when I need my late-night pizza fix.

All this talk of yummy pizza is making me hungry, I’m sure you are too. So head on to Yellow Cab and order Dear Darla today!

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