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They ain’t no ordinary hustlers. Their stories of grit and determination will remind you that your chase is So Worth It.


Yellow Cab So Worth It Spotlight:

The UP Fighting Maroons prove that no matter how long or difficult, the chase is worth it

Everybody loves an underdog—the struggles and failures in the beginning, the rise to the top in the middle, and the triumph at the end. While the UP Fighting Maroons have yet to be crowned winners in the UAAP championship finals, they’ve triumphed in the hearts of thousands who have fallen in love with the team’s breathtaking run to the finals.

When asked how the team kept their spirits up, Coach Mo Gingerich of the basketball team said, “I think it’s important to keep motivating each other and to listen to the coaches, even at times when you feel like you have no chance. When you see your brothers—your teammates—that renews your energy.”

The Fighting Maroons squad is also part of the Yellow Cab So Worth It Squad. Yellow Cab knows that even the hardest hustlers get hungry, which is why they don’t just make food—they deliver generous, edge-to-edge flavors that can fill up an entire basketball team and keep them going, all the way to 2019!

Hungry for a win

Even though the team had a slow start in the season, the players came together in an unprecedented way. While certain names were trending on social media, such as those of coach Bo Perasol, and players Bright Akhuetie and Paul Desiderio, all the members of the team carried their own weight and made the team better and stronger. They worked hard and played hard, went on to achieve a magical winning streak in November 2018, and played their hearts out in December.

“I’ve been here at UP for ten years,” Coach Mo said. “We’ve worked so hard during off seasons. The early mornings and late nights. When results (wins at the UAAP) didn’t come, there were definitely times that I questioned whether everything we did was worth it. But now, this past season when we made the finals, all that just makes it so much sweeter.”

All the effort that the team put in was so worth it. Who could forget the rising chorus of “One Big Fight” and “UP Fight” not just during the games but in front of TV screens at home and all over social media?

“Last year made all the past failures worth it,” Coach Mo added. To all those still working and waiting for their dreams to come true, he advised: “You just gotta keep going, keep grinding, keep trying. This past season, that was the way we were. So many times we were hustling a lot and playing hard. We had a lot of close games times when we were behind, but we have come back to win. Give your best effort every time. The results you want may not always come. There are going to be times in your life when you lose. But look back at the times when you were able to overcome adversity and this can help you next time. Keep doing the right thing. Eventually, the results will come.”

This is a year to look forward to for the Fighting Maroons, as they learn from the past and get ready for the next showdown. They’ve won the respect of their rivals, and gave sports fans everywhere a year to remember. The UP Fighting Maroons hustled hard and have proven that they are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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