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They ain’t no ordinary hustlers. Their stories of grit and determination will remind you that your chase is So Worth It.

Anya Lim

Yellow Cab So Worth It Spotlight:

Social Entrepreneur Anya Lim on why celebrating local textiles and craftsmanship is so worth it

When Anya Lim and her mother began a textile hub in 2010, Anya didn’t have a lot of experience in either business or setting up a social enterprise. What she did have was a whole lot of passion for local indigenous culture, creativity, and a desire to work hard for what she cared about.

After working for a few years in an international non-profit organization, Anya felt what she called “a greater calling to effect change.” She had to focus her energies on a project she knew, without a doubt, was worth it. So ANTHILL was born. Anya explained that, “the realization of what makes me feel alive and adds value to my strength made me pursue my ambition. I wanted to place my energy somewhere where I am able to constantly grow.”

She hustled hard but made sure to take breaks when needed. There used to be a Yellow Cab branch near her place and it was her go-to weekend comfort food place. “I’m a genuine fan of Yellow Cab. Charlie Chan Pasta is my personal favorite. That’s why I’m excited and honored to be part of a meaningful campaign.”

Hungry and socially aware

ANTHILL (Alternative Nest and Trading Hub for Indigenous/ Ingenious Little Livelihood seekers) is one of the first social and cultural enterprises in Metro Cebu. It aims to preserve and promote Philippine weaving traditions by: highlighting how local hand woven fabrics and products can be used in contemporary, everyday design; encouraging a younger generation of weavers and weave wearers; and providing sustainable livelihood to partner communities.

As co-founder and managing director of ANTHILL, Anya continues to champion the beauty and versatility of our local weaves, despite the challenges she faces. “There are challenges in leadership, community building, managing resources, and everyday decision making. It’s a path less travelled and as a social entrepreneur, I’m very much invested not just in the efficiency of our business value chain but also in the welfare and growth of our partners and stakeholders,” she shared.

It hasn’t been easy for Anya. “Sometimes, there’s a desire to take the easy route to financial success or be accountable to less people, or just live in a routine, but that’s me not being true to myself and my purpose,” she said.

But what makes it so worth it for Anya? “When you’re able to influence and affect people in a good way, become part of an impact or change that you once only desired or envisioned, see a growing movement, and know that your work resonates with other people. That gives you and others joy and fulfilment.”

Her hard work has paid off and in 2016 she won two international business awards—the special prize at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Efficiency and Success Target Awards and the ASEAN Business AEC Priority Integration Sector Excellence Award for Textile.

For those who are hustling hard for what they believe in, Anya advised, “Seek for mentors and don’t stop learning and asking questions.” And as a member of the So Worth It Squad, Anya is sure to continue celebrating our indigenous culture while having fun and meaningful conversations with her friends over some Yellow Cab pasta and pizza.

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