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They ain’t no ordinary hustlers. Their stories of grit and determination will remind you that your chase is So Worth It.

Anina Rubio

Yellow Cab So Worth It Spotlight:

Visual artist Anina Rubio tells us why her career leap of faith was so worth it

Visual artist and muralist Anina Rubio is the perfect example of taking a leap of faith. Holding seven jobs in the course of five years, she realized that she was cut out for a more creative environment. That’s when she decided that she needed to make a change if she wanted to find true happiness and meaning. She had to take a leap of faith. Nevermind that what she wanted to do was way out of her comfort zone.

For those like Anina with new goals to conquer, Yellow Cab promises to serve up generous edge-to-edge flavors to fuel the hungry and driven. The dreamers, artists, and hustlers out there can always count on Yellow Cab to help them go on in their exciting, tough, yet rewarding journeys. The grind is real and is so worth it!

Anina’s So Worth It Story is a colorful one, both literally and figuratively! Countless nights of studying for engineering exams, day after day of enduring stressful corporate jobs in the IT industry, investing in organic farming, and finding ways to hone her art and calligraphy skills finally brought Anina to where she’s supposed to be.

The BS Electronics and Communications Engineering graduate and board exam passer shares that it was ultimately her desire for a deeper sense of meaning that made her decide on this drastic move. So Anina made an effort to learn calligraphy and other artistic techniques on her own. This led her to attending calligraphy classes and later teaching them herself. This eventually gave her the freedom to pursue a career in art full time. She hasn’t looked back since!

A hunger for joy and meaning

For this collaboration with Yellow Cab, Anina is eager to share her So Worth It story in hopes of encouraging those who are experiencing the same thing. Switching from one career path to another can seem daunting, since it involves letting go of some personal investments. In Anina’s case, she had to leave an industry she had already made a mark in. “When there is an opportunity to share my passion and story to people, I get excited. I want to be able to motivate people to take risks to have a life that is truly worth living. It’s all about the roads you take, the people you meet, the bumps you encounter that makes everything colorful. Yellow Cab’s So Worth It campaign hits the spot with these stories!”

The job the artist left, while stressful, also offered a hefty salary, so moving to a creative field proved to be a challenge. “Transitioning from a fixed income job to a sporadic income is no joke, especially with bills to pay. But, I guess I have always been the type of person that no matter what it is, I’ll put maximum effort regardless. If I fail, at least I know I tried and I put all my heart. If I succeed, then good. I didn’t realize I had 7 jobs in 5 years but I just kept trying until I finally found something that I want to do and develop for the rest of my existence. I would always tell myself “It wasn’t easy but it was worth the risk,” the muralists shares.

Today, Anina is now recognized as one of the most accomplished young visual artists in the country. She has even worked with some of the most popular and well-loved brands in the Philippines. The visual artist, now in a place of relative comfort, also adds that she wouldn’t change a thing about her story. It was all worth it. “The lessons learned throughout the process is always worth it. I can say that my life has been so colorful so far and without those risks I took and the challenges I faced, it would have been boring and mundane.”For those still hustling, Anina offers some friendly advice. “Keep doing what you do and don’t lose grit. Nothing worth it ever comes easy.” Indeed, it’s the journey that makes it all so worth it.

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