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They ain’t no ordinary hustlers. Their stories of grit and determination will remind you that your chase is So Worth It.



The indie OPM scene has never been more vibrant, and leading the pack is folk-rock group Ben&Ben. The fast-rising band formed in 2015 and has since made several career firsts and breakthroughs, establishing themselves as one of this generation’s most compelling acts.

Quark Henares is a man of many hats: film writer, producer, columnist, DJ and of course, rockstar film and commercial director. Nothing about making films is ever easy but one of the toughest lessons Quark had to learn was that you won’t be able to hack it if you don’t love it. His words to aspiring filmmakers? Stop aspiring and just be.


Fashion & Entrepreneurship

DBTK is the passion project turned global streetwear brand of brothers Vince and Emil Javier. With zero backgrounds in fashion and business, they took the plunge and banked on their passion for streetwear for DBTK to become a success. Now the brand is prepared to take the international streetwear scene by storm.

Anina Rubio

Visual Arts

From simply doing “art” as a hobby, artist Anina Rubio is a former engineer who has now embraced it as a calling and has allowed her passion to grow. Starting from calligraphy, her art has evolved to watercolor, acrylics, murals, and even installation art. With her growing fanbase and client list, Anina knows she has to keep working smart and working hard. Because for her, the work doesn’t stop when her paintings do.



In 2018, The UP Men’s Basketball team showed the world that they aren’t called the Fighting Maroons for nothing. After their so-called 21 years of darkness, they fought their way through UAAP Season 80, which culminated in the epic Battle of Katipunan. After all, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Pam Pastor


Pam Pastor’s story is nothing short of inspiring. Aside from writing, editing, and playing music with her band, Pam is using her voice to advocate for mental health. Through her writing and various speaking engagements, she tells others who are also struggling that it’s okay not to be okay, and that fighting depression is so worth it.

Anya Lim

Fashion & Entrepreneurship

Fashion design is one thing but embracing design, social entrepreneurship, and Filipino pride is another thing entirely-- something that Anya Lim has embraced. Anya is the Creative and Managing Director of ANTHILL, which turns the local textiles of indigenous weavers into high fashion. For her, ANTHILL is not just her childhood dream come true, but an enabler to the rich talents of our Filipino artisans.

Red Ollero


It would be a mistake to pass off Red Ollero as just another big guy making fun of himself. He does, but it’s only a sliver of what this Filipino comedian can do. From his elaborate and exaggerated pictures to his improvised jokes, Red is the full package for a stand-up comic. A college had this to say about him: “Some people do jokes. Red does comedy.”

Mika Fabella


Mika Fabella isn’t just any ballerina. The Ballet Philippines scholar wears her geek badge with pride as a gamer and Star Wars cosplayer, successfully transforming her passion for dance into a profession that lets her enjoy the best of both worlds.

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