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My Weekend Retreats with Yellow Cab Pizza Delivery

I’ve come to accept that my weekends consist of happily holing up in my condo with my favorite Yellow Cab Pizza delivery.

My Weekend Retreats with Yellow Cab Pizza Delivery

Working at a creative agency is very fulfilling, but it can get pretty demanding. Work is fun, but there are times when the promise of a restful weekend is the only thing that gets you through the week.

My idea of a great weekend? Once upon a time, I always felt that I had to go out and socialize. If I didn’t have weekend plans with my friends, I’d feel so restless. Road trip to Tagaytay, dinner at that new place at the other end of the city, shopping all afternoon—I always had to be out and about.

Weekends with Yellow Cab Pizza delivery

I don’t know when it started to change, but I started to appreciate weekends in my small space. Pretty soon I started looking forward to these quiet weekend retreats where it’s just me, the TV, and Yellow Cab Pizza delivery.

I’ve been doing this routine for a while now, so I guess you could say this is my normal weekend. I get errands out of the way, then pull up the Yellow Cab Pizza delivery app on my phone. Personally, I love that I can order a 14-inch pizza and wings on my phone without the hassle.

While waiting for my order, I queue up the shows I’m planning to watch. When my order arrives, I set everything up in the living room. And once everything starts, that’s how you’ll find me for most of the day: on the couch, eating pizza and wings, and enjoying a good show.

This may sound boring but I really do enjoy lazy weekends like this. I have my pizza and my shows—it’s all good to me!

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