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Mending a Broken Heart with Squad Stuff 1

Break ups do tear your world apart. I never thought that I will feel that kind of experience with my four-year long-time boyfriend. We’ve been together our whole college life and went through all our ups and downs as struggling university students. He became my best friend, personal assistant, and travel and food buddy. We did almost everything together so I find it hard to move on from him.

Squad Stuff Bundle 1

When we broke up, I started to go home from the office immediately during weekdays and spend my weekends alone in my room watching series or random movies. I felt that the universe conspired against me and left me broken while everyone is excited for the holiday season.

Until my two best girl friends crashed my apartment and surprised me with Yellow Cab’s Squad Stuff 1. It’s a bundle of our all-time favorites: regular (10”) Manhattan Meatlovers pizza, 8 pieces Hot Wings, and a pitcher of soda just enough for the three of us. They told me that they bought it for Php 680.00. And you can choose from #4 Cheese and Barbecue Chicken aside from Manhattan Meatlovers, you can also choose the Garlic Parmesan Wings if you’re not into spicy food. Another thing is that people can enjoy Squad Stuff 1 for dine-in, take-out, and delivery.

I became so happy with the presence of my best friends and the Squad Stuff 1. We watched series together and chatted all night. We laughed so hard at our own jokes just like our college days when we spend all-nighters for exams and papers at our favorite Yellow Cab branch.

I’m thankful that Yellow Cab finally offers the Squad Stuff promo. It bridged our mini-reunion and helped me realize that my world didn’t stop when my ex left. There are a lot of things to be grateful for: my girlfriends and our new favorite, Squad Stuff 1.

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