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Late Nights at the Office with Yellow Cab

Being part of an architectural firm, my team and I are no strangers to overtime work. But with Yellow Cab’s late night delivery, working after hours is a little more bearable.

Late night delivery with Yellow Cab

Making the decision to pursue architecture was not easy for me. Early on, I thought having a talent for drawing would be enough but boy was I wrong. Once I was there, many of us were overwhelmed by the mountains of tasks we had to do.

The path wasn’t easy, but I got there eventually. Beyond all the hardships, I still find many fulfilling reasons to fall in love with the industry. As an architect, I am able to unleash my creativity every day. The best feeling is seeing the fruits of my team’s labor, which will remain even when I’m gone.

Late night delivery with Yellow Cab

Working overtime is pretty common in this industry. We always seem to be chasing deadlines on a daily basis. But when you have a solid team and good food, it definitely gets easier. And by good food, I mean Yellow Cab pizza.

Yellow Cab pizza has been the go-to OT food of our team for as long as I can remember. It’s not surprising because you get great pizza, pasta, wings, and more. It’s impossible to get tired of it!

And no matter how late we get our order in, we still get our pizza fix thanks to their late night delivery. Ordering is so easy too! One of us just pulls up the Yellow Cab app on our phones and order whichever bundle we need. When the order arrives and that distinct Yellow Cab pizza smell fills the pantry, it suddenly feels like an OT feast more than an OT meal!

Thanks, Yellow Cab! Your late night delivery brings much-needed joy to our late nights at the office.

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