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Get Together with Fambam with Squad Stuff Bundle 4

Christmas season may be the busiest season of all, but ironically, Christmas is also the perfect time to take a pause from our lives and reunite with our loved ones. I just love how Christmas brings us closer to our family. Since Filipinos are big on Christmas, I’m sure every family has its own way of celebrating the holidays. For my family, it has become a tradition that we go home to our grandparents’ house and bring food to feast on.

Yellow Cab Squad Stuff 4

This year, I had little time to prepare for the food I’m bringing to our family reunion. It’s really dreading on my part considering that I am working in a retail company. Christmas season only means working overtime. To solve my problem, I looked for food that everyone would surely love and would be perfect for the size of my family. Good thing I discovered the Squad Stuff Bundles of Yellow Cab. These bundles are truly perfect for the holidays! I ordered the Squad Stuff Bundle 4 good for 12 people, just enough for my family to enjoy! We got the Manhattan Meatlovers for the New Yorker pizza that comes with the bundle, then one of each participating variant for the 3 pastas – Shrimp Aglio Olio, Anchovy Aglio Olio and Chicken Alfredo Pasta. To top it all off, the bundle also includes 20 pieces of Chicken Wings and 2 1.5L of Coke! My cousins, aunties and uncles, and even my grandparents loved every bit of it! We can’t get enough of the good stuff Yellow Cab offers!

To make such great thing even greater, the ordering part was definitely hassle-free since Yellow Cab Pizza offers a pick-up service via the Yellow Cab App. With just a few taps, I got to pick up the Squad Stuff at the nearest Yellow Cab branch. Yellow Cab has definitely made the Christmas season even better!

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