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Family Outing Made Special with New York’s Finest

Our family get-togethers are unlike the usual grand reunions of other families wherein you’ll get to eat different specialty dishes, play parlor games, or sing videoke from night ’til dawn. We just like our family bondings simple so we could do it every month.

Family Outing Made Special with New York's Finest

This month’s family outing was one of those we call special. Although we make sure to have our family reunions monthly, there are times we are incomplete. There was this one time, dad had to go out of town for a business trip and my older brother had his thesis presentation abroad. But this time is one of those rare occasions that all of us are present.

Mom got all excited and decided to spend our family day outside the house. As we go all the way to the nearest beach resort, we decided to grab a pizza for take-out. Luckily, we passed by a Yellow Cab branch and bought our all-time favorite New York’s Finest Pizza. We are really hungry so we bought the 18-inch, which was the biggest size, for Php 885.00. But, of course, you can buy the New York’s Finest even for the 10 inches (Php 400.00) or 14 inches (Php 650.00).

This classic pizza never fails to amaze me with its generous amount of topping. Every ingredient complements each other, from the tender meat variants of Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, bacon, and ground beef, to the fresh black olives, mushrooms, onions, and red & green bell peppers. A pizza such as Yellow Cab’s New York’s Finest has never been this good.

We can’t help but eat it along the road! New York’s Finest was definitely one of the main ingredients that made our family outing special. Our bonding started the moment we grabbed our family’s favorite pizza. Yellow Cab’s New York’s Finest is indeed the perfect partner for every family bonding.

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