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Best Date with my Best Guy

My friends kept asking, “How was your date?” I simply said I had the most wonderful time. He got me the Best Stuff, and we had great conversations. He could be the one, they say, and I couldn’t help but confess: He’s the best guy ever!

Best Stuff Best Date

My best guy certainly did all his research. He knew right where to take me on our first date. Where else, but to my favorite pizza place—Yellow Cab. Looking back, he must’ve been checking my IG feed. I guess it’s pretty obvious that I love the Dear Darla Pizza, Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta, and savory Hot Wings! He knew the sumptuous dishes I wanted, which is the Best Stuff Yellow Cab can offer. For our pizza, we got the NY Classic and New York’s Finest, together with all my other Best Stuff favorites. Food is a big plus, so I’m so glad he got it right the first time!

My idea of a perfect date has always been great food with the best guy. I haven’t really met anyone I like this much, and I think he’s really the best guy I’ve met. He was my group mate in one of our science projects, and I even got to sit near him in English class. I was so surprised he even tried to ask me out. I tried not to look overly eager, and I said yes when he texted me last week.

Having the Best Stuff at Yellow Cab was the perfect ice breaker meal. We had fun conversations about our common friends, our shared love for sports (yes, I also love basketball!), and about cute dogs. Anyway, we actually have more stuff in common than I thought. And on top of all that, he made the effort to get me flowers. Okay, so I may not be the “flowers” kind of girl, but I appreciate the gesture nonetheless. We actually wanted to watch a movie after our tasty meal, but we decided to just hangout and talk some more to get to know each other. I feel an instant connection, and this might be the start of a great relationship.

I never knew Yellow Cab would play such a huge part in all of this. I can’t wait to have the Best Stuff with my best guy again soon.

But hey, it’s not just date food. Head on to Yellow Cab and try the Best Stuff too!

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