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Barkada Roadtrips Made Better with Squad Stuff 3

Saturday nights are my favorite part of the week. It’s the time of the day when my squad regularly go out for random barkada road trips around the metro or even to the provinces both in North and South Luzon. Each road trip offers a unique surprise, so we made this a regular squad adventure and never missed a night.

Barkada Roadtrips Made Better with Squad Stuff 3

Of course, every new adventure equates to new food. We got excited when we passed by a Yellow Cab store along the road and checked out new products. Luckily, we found the food that fits for us. And that is Yellow Cab’s Squad Stuff 3 which is good for 7-8 people.

With Squad Stuff 3, you can enjoy a large (14”) pizza available in #4 Cheese, Manhattan Meatlovers, and Barbecue Chicken, 12 pieces of either Hot Wings or Garlic Parmesan Wings, 2 full pastas with Aglio Olio and Chicken Alfredo as choices and 2 pitchers of Coke for Php 1,730.00.

This generous amount of serving left us satisfied with our dining experience at Yellow Cab. Another awesome thing with the Squad Stuff 3 is it is available for take-out and delivery as well. We would surely recommend this to other barkadas like us.

Squad Stuff 3 is also perfect for the holiday season. Families can enjoy the bundle after shopping or for those who’ll spend a staycation. It is definitely an ideal partner of barkada or family activities.

Out of all the surprises we’ve experienced in our Saturday night barkada roadtrips, Squad Stuff 3 is the best and most fulfilling!

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