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A double date with the Squad Stuff Bundle 1

Dates with the Squad Stuff Bundle 1 is always amazing

A double date with the Squad Stuff Bundle 1

Have you ever been to a low-key date before? Well, I have. More times than I could count. I don’t mind going to fancy restaurants from time to time, but my girlfriend and I like to keep it laid back. From street food to fastfood, we have always been happy with the simple things.

The best thing about low-key food dates is that you don’t have to spend much to enjoy some quality time together! I could order a lot of food on our date and it still wouldn’t amount to the price of going at high-end restaurants. It’s a winning technique, especially if you’re a big eater like me. My girlfriend and I have been going at it for years now and I think it’s been working for us when it comes to money and time spent together.

Our favorite date so far is when we discovered bundles for the holidays of Yellow Cab, particularly the Squad Stuff Bundle 1. When we heard about this, we immediately asked our fellow couple along to join us in trying out the new bundle of Yellow Cab!

For the price of Php 680, the bundle includes 1 regular (10”) pizza with your choice of #4 cheese, Barbecue Chicken, and Manhattan Meatlovers, 8 pieces of Hot Wings or Garlic Parmesan Wings, and a pitcher of Coke. Just enough food for our double date! This bundle can be enjoyed in the store, at home, or at any chill spot where you and your date can enjoy some quality time.

For our regular dates, my girlfriend and I would usually hang around to different spots before capping it off with Yellow Cab’s Squad Stuff Bundle 1 with our fellow couple. From parks to romantic walkways, the #4 cheese, Garlic Parmesan Wings, and a pitcher of Coke have always been our company.

So if you’re into low-key dates but you want the best bet for your food indulgence, then Yellow Cab’s Cab’s Squad Stuff 1 Bundle is best for your double date!

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