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Make Everyday a Celebration with Charlie Chan Pasta

Why celebrate with Charlie Chan Pasta? When life gets pretty hectic, it’s easy to overlook all the good stuff. So make time to appreciate them, whether they’re big or small. College life can get real busy, so I choose to celebrate little victories at my kind of place: Yellow Cab! Beyond serving sumptuous pizzas with fresh toppings, celebrations are more unique with the Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta.

Charlie Chan Pasta

From acing that quiz to finishing group projects, all the way to getting the highest grade, I want to make the simplest accomplishment a bit more special. When it comes to big feats like getting university awards, receiving honors, or winning games with team, we always want great food with the celebration. And when my friends have a good reason to party, we know it’s time for awesome, delicious food at Yellow Cab!

So what makes Charlie Chan Pasta the perfect party staple?

Aside from having great pizza, I’ve always associated parties with delicious pasta. Growing up, almost every party I’ve attended had some spaghetti or noodle dish that everyone enjoyed. Now, with Charlie Chan, I can taste rich and savory oriental flavors! It’s just wonderful to have a dish that reminds me so many of great memories with family and friends. So since then, I’ve decided to have Charlie Chan as my ultimate party pasta!

Charlie Chan’s combination of ingredients goes so well together. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind pasta dish, you should definitely try this one. It’s not like your usual tomato and meatball and spaghetti!

Charlie Chan is made with a unique mix of sweet and spicy oriental sauce, scrumptious chicken strips, juicy shiitake mushrooms, and roasted peanuts, topped with fresh spring onions. Every bite will leave you wanting more. So don’t be surprised if everyone in the party wants another serving. It’s the perfect Asian-inspired pasta!

Though I tend to order it for group celebrations, I still get it on regular days when I feel like celebrating on my own. So if you haven’t tried the Charlie Chan, you know you want to. Treat yourself soon at Yellow Cab!



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